CSM 000628.12 (CSM 628.12) — CSM Programming

CSM 000628.12 (CSM 628.12)

Code: 000628.12

Shortcode: 628.12


This error code, CSM 628.12, indicates that the Cab Switch Module (CSM) is currently being programmed or has failed to program correctly. This issue can occur during software updates or if there is a disruption during the programming process.


The CSM will disable its functions, effectively turning them off until the programming process is completed or the issue is resolved.


Verify Programming Process:

  • Ensure that the programming process is completed without interruptions. Avoid performing other tasks on the equipment during programming.

Check Programming Tools:

  • Verify that the tools and devices used for programming are functioning correctly and have the latest software versions.

Restart Programming:

  • If the programming process fails, restart it from the beginning. Ensure that all connections are secure and there are no interruptions during the process.

Inspect CSM Hardware:

  • Check the CSM hardware for any issues that could affect programming, such as loose connections or faulty components.

Consult Technical Support:

  • If programming continues to fail, contact technical support for assistance. They may provide additional instructions or tools for successful programming.


Successful programming of the CSM is crucial for its proper functionality. Always follow manufacturer guidelines and ensure a stable environment during the programming process to prevent failures.

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