CSM 000630.02 (CSM 630.02) — CSM Memory Error

CSM 000630.02 (CSM 630.02)

Code: 000630.02

Shortcode: 630.02


This error code, CSM 630.02, indicates that the Cab Switch Module (CSM) memory has reverted to default values. This could be due to a power loss, memory corruption, or a software malfunction.


The functionality of the CSM is degraded, meaning that the system will operate with limited capabilities.


Inspect Power Supply:

  • Ensure that the power supply to the CSM is stable and consistent. Check for any fluctuations or interruptions in the power source.

Check Memory Integrity:

  • Run diagnostics to check the integrity of the CSM memory. Look for signs of memory corruption or errors.

Update or Reinstall Software:

  • Update the CSM software to the latest version. If issues persist, consider reinstalling the software to restore proper functionality.

Reset CSM:

  • Perform a system reset to clear any temporary faults and restore default settings. Follow up with comprehensive testing to confirm that the issue is resolved.

Consult Manufacturer Guidelines:

  • Refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for specific troubleshooting steps related to memory errors in the CSM.


Regularly backing up the CSM configuration and software can help prevent data loss and facilitate quick recovery in case of memory issues. Maintaining a stable power supply and performing routine system checks can also minimize the risk of memory errors.

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