CSM 003509.03 (CSM 3509.03) — CSM Sensor Supply Voltage High

CSM 003509.03 (CSM 3509.03)

Code: 003509.03

Shortcode: 3509.03


This error code, CSM 3509.03, indicates that the sensor supply voltage for the Single Lever Control in the Cab Switch Module (CSM) is above 5.20 volts. This could be caused by a fault in the voltage regulator, wiring issues, or sensor malfunction.


The functionality of the CSM is degraded, meaning that the system will operate with limited capabilities.


Inspect Voltage Regulator:

  • Check the voltage regulator to ensure it is functioning correctly and maintaining the appropriate voltage levels. Replace if necessary.

Examine Wiring and Connections:

  • Inspect the wiring and connections associated with the sensor supply for signs of damage, wear, or loose connections. Ensure all connections are secure and clean.

Test Sensor:

  • Test the Single Lever Control sensor to ensure it is not malfunctioning or contributing to the high voltage reading.

Measure Supply Voltage:

  • Use a multimeter to measure the actual sensor supply voltage. Confirm that it is within the acceptable range and address any discrepancies.

Reset and Test System:

  • After addressing potential causes, reset the system and perform a comprehensive test to ensure the voltage levels are within the specified range and functionality is restored.


Maintaining the integrity of the sensor supply voltage is crucial for accurate sensor readings and reliable system operation. Regular inspections and maintenance of the voltage regulator, wiring, and sensors can help prevent such issues.

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