DSM 000629.12 (DSM 629.12) — Control Unit Internal Fault

DSM 000629.12 (DSM 629.12)

Code: 000629.12

Shortcode: 629.12


This diagnostic trouble code is triggered if an electronic malfunction is registered in the control unit. Such malfunctions can arise due to hardware failures, software issues, or environmental factors affecting the control unit’s components.


An internal electronic malfunction in the control unit can cause the system to enter a safe mode or disable certain functions to prevent further issues. This ensures that the malfunction does not lead to unpredictable behavior or damage to the equipment.


  • Perform Diagnostic Tests: Use specialized diagnostic tools to test the control unit and identify the specific electronic malfunction.
  • Inspect Internal Components: Check the internal components of the control unit for damage, wear, or signs of failure.
  • Update Control Unit Software: Ensure that the control unit software is up-to-date, as updates may resolve known issues causing the malfunction.
  • Replace Defective Parts: If specific internal components are found to be defective, replace them with new or tested components.
  • System Reset and Testing: Reset the control unit after repairs to clear the fault code and verify the repair through thorough testing.


Internal electronic malfunctions require prompt attention to prevent further complications. Regular diagnostics and timely software updates can help maintain the integrity of the control unit.

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