DSM 000639.14 (DSM 639.14) — Vehicle CAN BUS, Very High Error Rate

DSM 000639.14 (DSM 639.14)

Code: 000639.14

Shortcode: 639.14


The diagnostic trouble code is generated when the control unit receives too many incorrect CAN BUS messages or when it detects a general problem in the connection to the vehicle CAN BUS. High error rates in the CAN BUS can disrupt communication between critical vehicle systems, leading to operational inefficiencies or failures.


A high error rate on the CAN BUS can lead to communication failures between critical systems, potentially causing various subsystems to malfunction or operate incorrectly. The control unit may limit or disable certain functionalities to prevent further issues.


  • Inspect CAN BUS Connections: Check all CAN BUS connections for secure, clean, and undamaged contacts. Ensure there is no corrosion or physical damage to the connectors.
  • Test CAN BUS Wiring: Use diagnostic tools to test the integrity and performance of the CAN BUS wiring. Look for signs of wear, breaks, or interference in the wiring harness.
  • Update Control Software: Ensure that the control unit and other connected modules have the latest software updates to fix any known communication issues.
  • Check for Interference Sources: Identify and eliminate any sources of electromagnetic interference that could be affecting CAN BUS communication.
  • Replace Faulty Modules: If any specific control modules are identified as faulty or contributing to the high error rate, replace them with new or known-good units.
  • Monitor CAN BUS Performance: After addressing the issues, continuously monitor the CAN BUS for any recurring errors or communication problems.


Maintaining robust CAN BUS communication is critical for the efficient operation of vehicle systems. Regular inspections, timely updates, and prompt repairs can help minimize communication errors and ensure reliable system performance.

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