DTI 000444.03 – High Supply Voltage Detected (RTC)

DTI 000444.03 (DTI 444.03)

Code: 000444.03

Shortcode: 444.03


This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) occurs when the supply voltage for the RTC (Real-Time Clock) exceeds 16 volts, indicative of an overvoltage scenario. This condition can be harmful as it may overload electrical circuits, degrade electronic components, and lead to erratic system behaviors. Typically, such issues arise from malfunctions in the power supply system, including the alternator or voltage regulator outputting too high a voltage.


Protective measures such as power restrictions or system alerts may be triggered to safeguard sensitive electronics from damage due to high voltage.


  • Inspect and Adjust the Charging System: Verify and, if necessary, adjust the alternator and voltage regulator settings to ensure appropriate voltage levels.
  • Evaluate Electrical System Components: Look for any malfunctioning components or settings that might be contributing to the high voltage readings.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Keep a regular check on the system’s voltage levels to avoid future overvoltage issues.


Proactive and periodic checks of the electrical system are essential to avoid damage and ensure the reliability and safety of the equipment.

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