DTI 000444.04 – Low Supply Voltage Detected (RTC)

DTI 000444.04 (DTI 444.04)

Code: 000444.04

Shortcode: 444.04


This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) alerts to a condition where the supply voltage for the RTC (Real-Time Clock) falls below 9 volts. Low voltage can compromise the RTC’s ability to keep accurate time, which is critical for event logging and system synchronization. The likely causes include a depleted battery, insufficient charging, or high resistance in the electrical circuitry.


The system may issue warnings or reduce functionality to conserve power and protect the RTC from further voltage drops.


  • Check and Replace Battery If Necessary: Ensure the battery is capable of holding a charge and replace if it is found to be deficient.
  • Inspect the Charging System: Confirm the charging system is functioning correctly to provide a steady and adequate power supply.
  • Review and Repair Electrical Connections: Investigate for loose or corroded connections that could impede proper voltage delivery and rectify any found issues.


Regular maintenance of the electrical system, including the charging system and battery, is crucial for preventing low voltage conditions and ensuring the functionality of critical components like the RTC.

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