DTI 002034.09 – CAN Bus Communication Error with SIC

DTI 002034.09 (DTI 2034.09)

Code: 002034.09

Shortcode: 2034.09


This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) indicates a communication problem between the Steering Interface Control (SIC) and the DTI. Issues include intermittent or completely absent reception of CAN messages from the SIC, potentially due to connectivity problems or faulty wiring. Such communication issues can impact steering operations, leading to reduced control precision or response times.


The system may respond with operational inconsistencies or restrict certain functionalities to prevent potential mishaps due to steering control issues.


  • Secure Wiring and Connections: Ensure that all connections between the SIC and DTI are tight and in good condition. Replace any damaged wires or connectors.
  • Diagnose the CAN Bus Network: Employ diagnostic tools to check for faults within the CAN bus network that may affect communication.
  • Assess SIC Functionality: Verify the operational integrity of the SIC to ensure it is functioning properly and capable of communicating effectively.


Reliable communication between the SIC and DTI is crucial for safe and precise steering control. Regular maintenance and checks of the communication system can help avoid disruptions in steering functionality.

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