DTI 002047.09 – CAN Bus Communication Error with TSC

DTI 002047.09 (DTI 2047.09)

Code: 002047.09

Shortcode: 2047.09


This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is triggered by a data transfer problem between the Transmission System Controller (TSC) and the DTI. The fault involves intermittent or non-existent reception of one or more CAN messages from the TSC, which could be due to issues such as loose wiring or connectivity interruptions. This can adversely affect transmission control and vehicle drivability.


The system may exhibit transmission irregularities or enter a fail-safe mode to mitigate any risk associated with erratic transmission behavior.


  • Inspect Wiring and Connections: Check all related wiring and connections for integrity and security. Repair or replace any defective parts.
  • Utilize Diagnostic Tools: Conduct comprehensive diagnostics to identify and correct communication issues within the CAN bus system.
  • Ensure TSC Performance: Confirm that the TSC is in good working order and able to send accurate data without interruptions.


Ensuring effective communication with the TSC is vital for optimal transmission operations. Routine diagnostics and corrective actions are essential to maintain vehicle performance and reliability.

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