DTI 002246.09 – CAN Bus Communication Error with DSM

DTI 002246.09 (DTI 2246.09)

Code: 002246.09

Shortcode: 2246.09


This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) signals a communication issue between the Display and Storage Module (DSM) and the DTI. It involves intermittent or absent reception of CAN messages from the DSM, possibly due to loose wiring or poor connectivity. Disrupted communication can lead to errors in data display or storage, impacting operational data analysis and decision-making processes.


Potential system responses include display errors, incorrect data recording, or alerts indicating data transmission issues.


  • Check and Repair Connections: Ensure that all connections between the DSM and DTI are secure and in good condition. Repair or replace any compromised elements.
  • Diagnose CAN Bus Issues: Use diagnostic tools to evaluate and rectify any disruptions within the CAN bus system that could affect communication.
  • Verify DSM Operation: Ensure that the DSM is functioning correctly and capable of consistently transmitting data.


Reliable data communication between the DSM and DTI is crucial for accurate data handling and operational efficiency. Regular system checks and maintenance are recommended to prevent communication failures and ensure data integrity.

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