DTI 524050.12 – Display for Date and Clock Time Storage Fault

DTI 524050.12 (DTI )

Code: 524050.12



This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is activated when the DTI control unit fails to store the display settings for date and time. As a result, every time the main (key) switch is turned off, the values for date and time are erased. This issue may be attributed to a failure in the control unit’s internal memory or a problem with its power supply circuit, which is supposed to maintain these settings.


The loss of date and time settings may result in operational inefficiencies and potential disruptions in functions that rely on accurate timestamp data, such as logging and scheduled maintenance alerts.


  • Inspect and Test Power Supply: Ensure that the power supply to the control unit is stable and continuous, especially when the key switch is turned off.
  • Check Internal Memory Components: Assess the condition and functionality of the internal memory components where date and time are stored. Replace if found to be defective.
  • Reset and Update System Settings: After making any repairs, reset the date and time settings and observe if the values are retained after cycling the key switch.


Maintaining accurate system settings for date and time is crucial for the proper management and tracking of machine operation. Regular checks and maintenance of the control unit can help ensure reliability.

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