DTI 524076.10 – Hotkey 5 Actuation Fault

DTI 524076.10 (DTI )

Code: 524076.10



This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) indicates a fault with Hotkey 5 on the control unit. The error is triggered if Hotkey 5 remains continuously actuated for more than 60 seconds during initialization or if it is registered as “actuated” for more than 10 minutes during operation. This could be due to a stuck button, sensor errors, or software malfunctions that misinterpret the key’s status.


The system may disable the function of Hotkey 5 or issue alerts to notify the operator of the fault, potentially affecting user interface efficiency and control accessibility.


  • Inspect Hotkey for Physical Sticking: Check if the hotkey is physically stuck and address any mechanical issues.
  • Calibrate or Replace Faulty Sensors: If the key is not stuck, test the sensors responsible for detecting key actuation and recalibrate or replace if necessary.
  • Software Diagnostic and Correction: Run diagnostics to identify any software issues that may be incorrectly registering key actuation and apply software updates or patches if available.


Ensuring all control unit keys are functioning correctly is essential for effective machine operation. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to faults can prevent operational disruptions.

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