DTI 524082.10 – Hotkey 1 Actuation Fault

DTI 524082.10 (DTI )

Code: 524082.10



This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is triggered for Hotkey 1 when it remains continuously actuated for more than 60 seconds during initialization or is registered as “actuated” for more than 10 minutes during operation. Issues may stem from a stuck key, faulty sensors, or software problems misinterpreting the key’s status.


The system may limit the functionality of Hotkey 1 to prevent unintended actions and alert the operator to the issue, impacting user control capabilities.


  • Mechanical and Sensor Inspection: Investigate Hotkey 1 for physical and sensor-related issues and correct any detected faults.
  • Software Troubleshooting: Address any software-related issues that may be incorrectly registering the key’s actuation and perform necessary updates.
  • Ensure Key Functionality: Regularly check all hotkeys for responsiveness and correct functionality as part of routine maintenance.


The effective operation of control unit hotkeys is vital for accurate and efficient machine use. Regular maintenance and swift resolution of any faults are essential to maintain control unit effectiveness.

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