DTI 524080.10 – Hotkey 2 Actuation Fault

DTI 524080.10 (DTI )

Code: 524080.10



This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) identifies a fault with Hotkey 2, triggered by the key remaining continuously actuated for more than 60 seconds during initialization or being registered as “actuated” for over 10 minutes during operation. This could be due to the key being physically stuck, sensor errors, or incorrect software readings.


The system may deactivate Hotkey 2 and display error messages to prevent accidental operations, potentially affecting the control interface.


  • Physical Inspection: Examine Hotkey 2 for any mechanical sticking and rectify any issues found.
  • Test and Replace Sensors: Check the sensors that detect key actuation and replace them if they are not functioning properly.
  • Update or Repair Software: Look into potential software issues that may cause false actuations and apply necessary updates or fixes.


Functional integrity of control keys is crucial for operational precision. Ensuring that these components are in optimal condition through regular checks can help avoid disruptions.

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