DTI 524217.03 – ISOBUS CAN Voltage Too High

DTI 524217.03 (DTI )

Code: 524217.03



This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is issued when the CAN voltage in the vehicle’s ISOBUS system exceeds 5.0 volts. Such an overvoltage condition can interfere with the integrity of data being transmitted over the network, leading to a halt in data communication to prevent potential damage or errors.


The system may disable data transmission on the ISOBUS to avoid damage to electronic components and data integrity issues.


  • Evaluate Electrical Components: Identify and rectify any component failures or system malfunctions that may be causing high voltage.
  • Monitor Voltage Levels: Continuously monitor the voltage levels to ensure they remain within specified limits and adjust system settings as needed.
  • Install or Check Voltage Regulators: Verify the operation of voltage regulators designed to maintain stable voltage levels within the electrical system.


Proper voltage regulation on the ISOBUS is crucial for preventing overvoltage incidents that can disrupt system communications and damage sensitive electronics. Regular system checks and voltage monitoring are vital.

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