DTI 524217.04 – ISOBUS CAN Voltage Too Low

DTI 524217.04 (DTI )

Code: 524217.04



This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) signals that the CAN voltage on the vehicle’s ISOBUS has dropped below 0.5 volts, a level insufficient to support data transmission. This under-voltage condition can lead to a complete halt in communication across the network, affecting vehicle operation and system coordination.


Data transmission may be suspended to protect against data loss and ensure the safety and integrity of system operations.


  • Check Wiring and Connections: Thoroughly inspect all related wiring and connections for wear, damage, or looseness that could contribute to voltage drops.
  • Regular Voltage Monitoring: Implement routine checks to monitor the CAN voltage, ensuring it does not fall below operational thresholds.
  • Improve Electrical Integrity: Strengthen electrical connections and enhance grounding where necessary to ensure stable and sufficient voltage supply.


Maintaining sufficient voltage levels is essential for the smooth operation of the ISOBUS. Effective maintenance strategies and regular monitoring are crucial to avoid voltage-related issues that could impact system functionality.

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