DTI 600006.31 – Diagnostic Trouble Code Not Known

DTI 600006.31 (DTI )

Code: 600006.31



This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is triggered when the CommandCenter (DTI) receives a diagnostic trouble code via the CAN BUS that is not recognized or stored in the DTI memory. This “general” code enables the CommandCenter to display information about an unknown diagnostic trouble code, indicating potential issues or data that exceeds the current system’s scope or configuration.


The system may display an alert to inform the operator of the receipt of an unrecognized code, which could relate to new issues not previously encountered or documented.


  • System Update and Configuration: Check for updates to the DTI software that might include definitions for new diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Consult Manufacturer Support: If the code remains unidentified, consult John Deere technical support or authorized service providers for insights and potential resolution strategies.
  • Record and Monitor Alerts: Keep a log of occurrences of unknown diagnostic trouble codes for future troubleshooting and reference during maintenance checks or service visits.


Encountering unknown diagnostic trouble codes can signal new or emerging issues. Keeping the DTI and associated systems updated and maintaining communication with manufacturer support are vital steps in managing and resolving such codes effectively.

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