ECU 000094.16 – Low-Pressure Fuel Signal Moderately High. John Deere Engine Control.

ECU 000094.16 (ECU 94.16)

Code: 000094.16

Shortcode: 94.16


The ECU 000094.16 (94.16) error code in John Deere equipment denotes that the low-pressure fuel sensor’s voltage is moderately higher than expected, suggesting a potential issue with the sensor or its circuit. This moderate over-voltage might not be severe enough to trigger a direct fault like a short but indicates that the voltage levels are approaching an unacceptable range. It’s recommended to refer to the CIU 2016 Improvement Program for specific serial numbers and detailed guidance, as adjustments or recalls might have been issued to address this issue in certain models.


The engine control system may adjust the fuel delivery to compensate for the altered signal, which can affect the engine’s efficiency and performance. If left unchecked, this condition could lead to less optimal combustion and increased emissions.


  • Review CIU 2016 Information: Check for any specific guidelines or recall notices issued under the CIU 2016 Improvement Program that apply to your equipment’s serial number.
  • Inspect Sensor and Electrical Circuit: Examine the low-pressure fuel sensor and its associated circuitry for any potential over-voltage causes, such as voltage spikes or poor grounding.
  • Calibrate or Replace Sensor: If the sensor shows consistently high readings, recalibrate it if possible, or replace it if it falls outside of recalibration scope.
  • System Reset and Function Check: After making necessary adjustments or replacements, reset the engine control system to ensure all changes are correctly registered and perform a test to verify that the fuel system operates within normal parameters.


Given the reference to CIU 2016, it is crucial to stay updated with John Deere service bulletins and improvement programs which may impact the function and calibration of components like fuel sensors. Regularly updating your machinery’s software and adhering to manufacturer’s recommendations can prevent many issues related to sensor inaccuracies. Furthermore, periodic reviews of equipment updates and recalls can provide essential modifications that enhance performance and reliability.

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