ECU 000094.17 – Low-Pressure Fuel Signal Slightly Low. John Deere Engine Control.

ECU 000094.17 (ECU 94.17)

Code: 000094.17

Shortcode: 94.17


The ECU 000094.17 (94.17) error code on John Deere equipment indicates that the voltage of the low-pressure fuel sensor is slightly below the expected range. This slight under-voltage could be symptomatic of minor issues in the fuel sensor or associated circuitry, potentially linked to a poorly functioning fuel pump. Similar to the ECU 000094.16 error, this issue is covered under the CIU 2016 Improvement Program, which may provide additional remedies or actions based on the equipment’s serial number.


The engine control system may slightly alter fuel delivery to compensate for the reduced signal, potentially leading to decreased efficiency or minor performance issues. It’s important to address even slight deviations to prevent them from developing into more significant problems.


  • Consult CIU 2016 Information: Refer to the CIU 2016 Improvement Program for specific details applicable to your machine’s serial number, particularly if there are known issues or updates available.
  • Check Fuel Sensor and Pump: Investigate the fuel sensor and fuel pump for operational integrity. Ensure that the pump is functioning correctly and that the sensor is providing accurate readings.
  • Adjust or Replace Components: Adjust the sensor if calibration is possible; replace it or the fuel pump if they show signs of malfunction or wear.
  • Reset the System and Conduct Tests: After any replacements or adjustments, reset the engine control unit to clear the fault code and carry out a detailed operational test to ensure that the fuel system is now functioning within the normal voltage range.


Keeping abreast of manufacturer updates and improvement programs like CIU 2016 is crucial for maintaining equipment reliability and performance. These programs often address systemic issues and provide critical insights into common faults that may affect a range of serial numbers. Regular maintenance checks, coupled with adherence to these updates, can significantly mitigate potential issues with sensors and other critical system components.

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