ECU 000094.18 – Low-Pressure Fuel Signal Moderately Low. John Deere Engine Control.

ECU 000094.18 (ECU 94.18)

Code: 000094.18

Shortcode: 94.18


The ECU 000094.18 (94.18) error code indicates that the low-pressure fuel sensor’s voltage on John Deere equipment is moderately below the expected range. This condition may suggest minor but notable issues in the sensor or its circuitry, often related to a malfunctioning fuel pump. This diagnostic code is also part of the issues covered under the CIU 2016 Improvement Program, which may provide specific remedies based on the serial number of the equipment.


The engine control system might adjust fuel delivery parameters to compensate for the lower signal, potentially leading to suboptimal engine performance. Continued operation under this condition could strain other engine components.


  • Refer to CIU 2016 Information: Access the CIU 2016 Improvement Program details relevant to your equipment’s serial number for specific instructions or recall notices.
  • Inspect Fuel Sensor and Pump: Examine both the fuel sensor and the fuel pump for efficiency and accuracy. A malfunctioning pump can often lead to reduced voltage readings from the sensor.
  • Calibrate or Replace Faulty Parts: Calibrate the sensor if possible; if issues persist, consider replacing the sensor or fuel pump with genuine John Deere parts.
  • System Reset and Performance Evaluation: After addressing the hardware, reset the engine control system to ensure all modifications are registered. Perform thorough testing to verify that the fuel system maintains the correct voltage and that engine performance is restored.


Monitoring and adhering to updates from John Deere, such as those in the CIU 2016 Improvement Program, is vital for preventing and resolving issues effectively. Such programs identify prevalent issues across specific models and provide guidelines to rectify them, enhancing the longevity and reliability of the equipment. Regular checks of the fuel system and timely updates to system firmware and hardware, as recommended by these programs, can prevent the recurrence of such issues and safeguard engine performance.

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