ECU 000636.05 – Low Current in Camshaft Speed Sensor Circuit. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 000636.05 (ECU 636.05)

Code: 000636.05

Shortcode: 636.05


ECU 000636.05 is activated when there is low current detected in the wiring of the camshaft speed sensor, indicative of high circuit resistance or an open circuit, which may compromise the accuracy of sensor signals.


Such issues can lead to incorrect readings from the camshaft speed sensor, potentially affecting engine timing and overall engine performance.


  • Check and Repair Wiring: Thoroughly inspect the sensor wiring for breaks or disconnections that could contribute to high resistance.
  • Measure and Verify Circuit Continuity: Use a multimeter to check for continuity and ensure there are no open circuits.
  • Replace Sensor or Wiring as Needed: Address any identified issues by replacing the sensor or repairing the wiring.
  • Confirm Sensor Functionality: After repairs, ensure the camshaft speed sensor operates correctly and provides accurate signals to the ECU.


Regular inspection and maintenance of engine sensors and their circuits are essential to avoid issues that can lead to inaccurate readings and engine performance problems.

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