ECU 002006.14 – VIN Information Mismatch. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 002006.14 (ECU 2006.14)

Code: 002006.14

Shortcode: 2006.14


This error code, ECU 002006.14, indicates a mismatch between the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) recorded in the Engine Interface Control (EIC) software and that stored in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) software. This issue is specific to vehicles equipped with an immobilizer system, which uses VIN matching as a security measure to authenticate the components and prevent unauthorized use.


Due to the VIN mismatch, the vehicle’s functionality may be significantly restricted. The immobilizer system may prevent the vehicle from starting or limit the operation of certain functions to ensure security.


  • Confirm VIN Accuracy: Ensure that the VINs entered in both the EIC and ECU are correct. Misentries can often lead to such errors. Confirm the VIN against the vehicle’s registration documents.
  • Synchronize VIN Information: If discrepancies are found, update the VIN in either or both systems so that they match exactly. This might require programming tools available at authorized service centers.
  • Software Updates: Check for software updates for both the EIC and ECU that might resolve persistent recognition issues. Sometimes discrepancies can arise from software glitches that are resolved in newer software versions.
  • Check System Configuration: Ensure that all related systems, especially the immobilizer system, are configured correctly according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Dealer or Specialist Consultation: If the issue persists after these steps, it may be necessary to consult with a qualified dealer or automotive specialist who can diagnose deeper system issues or reset the immobilizer system.
  • Document and Test: After addressing the issue, document all actions taken and perform a full system test to verify that the vehicle operates correctly without any restrictions, and the VIN mismatch error does not reoccur.


VIN mismatches in vehicles with advanced security systems such as immobilizers can lead to significant functional limitations. Regular maintenance checks and updates, as well as immediate attention to any error codes related to the VIN, are critical to maintaining the vehicle’s operability and security. Regular verification against official documents and ensuring all vehicle software systems are aligned can prevent these issues.

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