ECU 002006.19 – VIN Information Mismatch. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 002006.19 (ECU 002006.19)

Code: 002006.19

Shortcode: 002006.19


Error code ECU 002006.19 is triggered when there is a discrepancy between the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) recorded in the Engine Interface Control (EIC) software and that stored in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) software, specifically in vehicles equipped with an immobilizer system. This mismatch can trigger security protocols that limit vehicle functionality to prevent unauthorized use.


The vehicle’s functionality may be restricted, potentially preventing the engine from starting or limiting access to certain vehicle features to secure the vehicle against potential theft or unauthorized use.


  • Verify and Correct VIN Entries: Ensure that the VIN entries in both the EIC and ECU accurately reflect the vehicle’s official VIN as per registration documents. Correct any discrepancies found.
  • Update and Sync Systems: If the VINs are correct but issues persist, consider updating the firmware of both the EIC and ECU to ensure compatibility and proper synchronization.
  • Diagnose Immobilizer System: Examine the immobilizer system for any faults that could be causing the VIN mismatch error and address them.
  • Consult with Authorized Service Provider: If unable to resolve the issue independently, it may be necessary to consult with an authorized dealer or service center equipped to handle immobilizer and software issues.
  • Test After Repair: After any adjustments or repairs, thoroughly test the vehicle’s systems to ensure that all functionalities are restored and the error does not recur.


VIN mismatch issues are critical due to their impact on vehicle security systems. Regular software updates and careful monitoring of system diagnostics are recommended to prevent these issues.

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