ECU 002659.18 – NOx Based EGR Flow Correction Moderately Low. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 002659.18 (ECU 2659.18)

Code: 002659.18

Shortcode: 2659.18


Error code ECU 002659.18 is set when the NOx-based EGR flow correction factor falls to a moderately low level, indicating that the EGR flow venturi may require cleaning due to accumulation that affects accurate flow measurement and subsequent NOx control.


The ECU may adjust the EGR flow to compensate for the decreased correction factor, impacting engine performance and emissions compliance.


  • Inspect and Clean EGR Flow Venturi: Examine the EGR flow venturi for any buildup or debris that could impair its function. Clean thoroughly to restore accurate flow measurement.
  • Test NOx and EGR Sensors: Ensure that NOx sensors and EGR flow sensors are functioning correctly and providing accurate data.
  • Reset ECU and Re-calibrate System: After cleaning, reset the ECU to clear the error code and recalibrate the system to ensure all components are accurately reporting and controlling emissions.
  • Follow Up with Regular Maintenance: Implement a regular maintenance schedule for the EGR system to prevent future buildup and ensure ongoing compliance with emissions standards.


Maintaining the EGR venturi and related sensors in clean and functional order is critical for effective emissions control and engine performance. Regular inspections and cleaning are recommended to prevent issues related to flow measurement and NOx emissions.

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