ECU 002790.16 – Turbocharger Compressor Outlet Temperature Moderately High. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 002790.16 (ECU 2790.16)

Code: 002790.16

Shortcode: 2790.16


This error code, ECU 002790.16, is triggered when the turbocharger compressor outlet temperature exceeds the moderate threshold above the specified limit. This condition can indicate a potential issue with the turbocharger system, such as a clog in the intercooler, inefficient cooling, or excessive engine load.


The ECU may respond by adjusting engine performance to protect the turbocharger and other engine components from heat-related damage.


  • Inspect Intercooler and Cooling System: Check the intercooler for blockages, leaks, or damage that could impede cooling efficiency.
  • Evaluate Turbocharger Operation: Ensure the turbocharger is operating within its designed parameters. Over-spinning or excessive pressure can lead to high outlet temperatures.
  • Monitor Engine Loads: Analyze engine operation to ensure it is not being consistently operated in a high-load state that could contribute to elevated temperatures.
  • Reset ECU and Conduct Performance Checks: After inspecting and addressing potential issues, reset the ECU to ensure all systems recalibrate to the changes. Conduct a test to ensure the temperature remains within the specified range under normal operating conditions.


Regular maintenance of the turbocharger and its associated components is crucial to prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance. Monitor temperatures closely, especially in high-demand scenarios.

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