ECU 002795.03 – VGT Actuator, Voltage Too High. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 002795.03 (ECU 2795.03)

Code: 002795.03

Shortcode: 2795.03


Error code ECU 002795.03 is triggered when the voltage to the Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) actuator exceeds the upper limit, indicating a potential short to 12 volts. This condition can lead to erratic or uncontrolled turbocharger operations.


To protect the turbocharger and related engine components, the ECU may limit the actuator’s function, potentially affecting turbocharger performance and engine power output.


  • Inspect Actuator Wiring and Connectors: Look for damaged wires or loose connectors that could lead to voltage spikes.
  • Test Actuator Voltage Supply: Measure the voltage supply to the actuator to confirm it is within specified limits.
  • Replace or Repair Wiring: Address any issues with wiring or connectors by repairing or replacing components as needed.
  • Reset ECU and Re-test Actuator Function: After making repairs, reset the ECU and test the VGT actuator to ensure it operates correctly within the voltage specifications.


Proper function and control of the VGT actuator are vital for optimal engine performance and to prevent issues related to over- or under-boost conditions.

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