ECU 002795.04 – VGT Actuator, Voltage Too Low. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 002795.04 (ECU 2795.04)

Code: 002795.04

Shortcode: 2795.04


This error code indicates that the voltage at the Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) actuator is too low, suggesting a short to ground. This fault can impair the actuator’s ability to control the turbocharger vanes effectively.


The ECU may deactivate the actuator to prevent erratic turbocharger behavior, which could lead to reduced engine performance or damage.


  • Check Actuator and Wiring for Shorts to Ground: Inspect the actuator wiring thoroughly for any signs of short circuits to ground.
  • Measure and Diagnose Voltage Levels: Use a multimeter to check the voltage levels at the actuator to identify discrepancies from normal operating ranges.
  • Repair Electrical Faults: Repair any detected shorts or replace damaged wiring or components to restore proper voltage supply.
  • Reset ECU and Conduct Functional Tests: After addressing the electrical issues, reset the ECU and perform functional tests to ensure the actuator and turbocharger operate correctly.


Ensuring the VGT actuator receives the correct voltage is crucial for maintaining the turbocharger’s functionality and overall engine health. Regular inspections and immediate action on voltage issues are recommended to avoid performance degradation or engine damage.

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