ECU 003361.05 – DEF Dosing Injector Circuit Has High Resistance. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 003361.05 (ECU 3361.05)

Code: 003361.05

Shortcode: 3361.05


This code is triggered when there is an unusually high resistance in the circuit of the DEF dosing injector, suggesting an open circuit. Such a condition can lead to insufficient current reaching the injector, thereby impairing its ability to correctly dose DEF.


The ECU might reduce engine power or initiate other protective measures to manage the potential impact of incorrect DEF dosing on emissions and system integrity.


  • Inspect Injector Circuit: Check the circuit for breaks, loose connections, or corroded contacts that might contribute to high resistance.
  • Measure and Analyze Circuit Resistance: Use diagnostic tools to measure resistance levels within the injector circuit to pinpoint the location of the open circuit.
  • Resolve Circuit Issues: Repair or replace parts of the circuit that exhibit unusually high resistance to restore proper electrical flow.
  • Reset ECU and Perform Detailed System Check: After addressing the issue, reset the ECU and thoroughly test the DEF dosing system to ensure it meets operational specifications.


Proper function of the DEF dosing injector is critical for effective emissions control. Regular maintenance and timely repair of its electrical circuit are essential to avoid performance issues and regulatory non-compliance.

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