ECU 003361.06 – DEF Dosing Injector Circuit Has Low Resistance. John Deere System Advisory.

ECU 003361.06 (ECU 3361.06)

Code: 003361.06

Shortcode: 3361.06


This diagnostic code indicates that the DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) dosing injector circuit exhibits lower than normal resistance, suggesting a short to ground. Such a condition may cause excessive current flow, potentially damaging the injector or affecting its operational accuracy.


The ECU may disable the injector to prevent damage or may modify DEF dosing parameters to compensate for erratic injector behavior.


  • Inspect Injector Wiring: Check for any signs of insulation damage or exposed wires that could contact the vehicle’s frame or other grounded components.
  • Measure Circuit Resistance: Use a multimeter to check the resistance in the circuit. Compare it to the manufacturer’s specifications to confirm if it is indeed too low.
  • Repair Electrical Faults: Fix any shorts found during the inspection. This may involve replacing wires or connectors.
  • Reset ECU and Test Injector Function: After repairs, reset the ECU to clear the diagnostic code and test the injector under various operational conditions to ensure it functions properly.


Maintaining proper electrical characteristics in the DEF dosing system is critical for accurate fluid dosing and effective emissions control. Regular electrical inspections are advisable to prevent malfunctions.

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