EPC 001713.15 – Hydraulic Oil Filter Dirty

EPC 001713.15 (EPC 1713.15)

Code: 001713.15

Shortcode: 1713.15


This error code, EPC 001713.15, is generated when the filter alarm level 1 switch at the hydraulic oil filter was closed for more than three seconds at a hydraulic oil temperature above 28°C (82°F) and an engine speed above 700 rpm. The switch closes at a differential filter pressure of 350 kPa (3.5 bar; 51 psi) +/- 20 kPa (0.2 bar; 2.9 psi). This indicates that the hydraulic oil filter is dirty and needs to be changed.


When this error is detected, the hydraulic system may experience reduced performance due to restricted oil flow, potentially leading to overheating and increased wear on hydraulic components.


Change Hydraulic Oil Filter:

  • Replace the dirty hydraulic oil filter with a new one to ensure proper flow and filtration of the hydraulic oil.

Inspect Filter Housing:

  • Check the filter housing and associated components for any signs of damage or blockages. Clean or repair as necessary.

Monitor Oil Pressure and Temperature:

  • After replacing the oil filter, monitor the hydraulic oil pressure and temperature to ensure they return to normal operating ranges.

Check for Contamination:

  • Inspect the old oil filter for signs of contamination or debris that could indicate other underlying issues within the hydraulic system.

Reset and Test System:

  • After performing the above actions, reset the system and test the hydraulic system to ensure proper operation and that the error code does not reoccur.


Regular maintenance of the hydraulic oil filter is crucial for optimal hydraulic system performance. Timely replacement of the oil filter can prevent issues related to restricted oil flow and maintain efficient operation.

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