FCC 000630.02 – Control Software, Internal Error

FCC 000630.02 (FCC 630.02)

Code: 000630.02

Shortcode: 630.02


This error code indicates a fault that occurred during the software launch, suggesting an issue with the control software’s initialization process or internal software integrity.


The control software will have limited or no functionality due to the startup error, affecting the overall operation of the equipment.


  • Restart Control Software: Attempt to restart the control software to see if the error resolves.
  • Update Software: Ensure the software is updated to the latest version to mitigate potential bugs.
  • Inspect Hardware Components: Check the hardware components associated with the control system for any faults or irregularities.
  • Review System Logs: Examine system logs to pinpoint the cause of the startup fault.
  • Seek Technical Assistance: Contact John Deere technical support for detailed diagnostics and possible software reinstallation.


Ensuring proper startup of the control software is vital for the machine’s operation. Addressing these faults promptly is essential to maintain operational efficiency.

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