FCC 000639.12 – Vehicle CAN Bus (500 kBd), High Error Rate

FCC 000639.12 (FCC 639.12)

Code: 000639.12

Shortcode: 639.12


This error code indicates a high error rate in processing CAN Bus messages at a 500 kBd rate. This could be due to CAN bus overload, faulty nodes, or an internal control software fault, leading to the inability to process all received messages.


The control software will have limited or no functionality due to the high error rate in CAN Bus communication, affecting data transmission reliability and overall machine operation.


  • Monitor CAN Bus Traffic: Use diagnostic tools to monitor and analyze CAN bus traffic for signs of overload or data collisions.
  • Check for Faulty Nodes: Identify and isolate any faulty nodes on the CAN bus that might be causing communication errors.
  • Inspect Wiring and Connections: Look for any physical issues with the CAN bus wiring and connections.
  • Update Firmware and Software: Ensure all firmware and control software are up-to-date to support efficient CAN bus communication.
  • Consult Technical Support: Engage John Deere technical support for advanced troubleshooting and resolution strategies.


Maintaining robust CAN bus communication is essential for the overall functionality of the control system. Regular monitoring and prompt addressing of high error rates are crucial to ensure reliable operation.

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