FCC 000639.14 – Vehicle CAN Bus (500 kBd), Very High Error Rate

FCC 000639.14 (FCC 639.14)

Code: 000639.14

Shortcode: 639.14


This error code indicates a very high error rate in CAN Bus messages at a 500 kBd rate. This suggests a general problem with the connection to the Vehicle CAN Bus, potentially due to bus overload, faulty nodes, or issues in the control software.


The control software will have limited or no functionality due to the very high error rate, severely impacting CAN bus communication and overall machine operation.


  • Comprehensive CAN Bus Diagnostics: Perform in-depth diagnostics on the CAN bus to identify and rectify the cause of the high error rate.
  • Inspect and Replace Faulty Components: Check for and replace any faulty CAN bus components or wiring.
  • Reduce CAN Bus Load: If possible, reduce the load on the CAN bus to alleviate communication issues.
  • Update Firmware and Software: Ensure all firmware and control software are up-to-date to support efficient CAN bus communication.
  • Seek Expert Assistance: Engage John Deere technical support for advanced troubleshooting and resolution.


Very high error rates can lead to critical failures in communication systems. Immediate and thorough action is required to restore reliable CAN bus operations.

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