HCC 001881.03 – Rear Hitch Draft Sensor Circuit Voltage High

HCC 001881.03 (HCC 1881.03)

Code: 001881.03

Shortcode: 1881.03


This error code indicates that the Rear Hitch Draft Sensor voltage is above 5.35 volts. This could be due to a sensor malfunction, wiring issues, or problems within the control unit.


The HCC function is degraded when this error code is active.


  • Inspect Wiring and Connections:
    • Check the wiring and connections to the Rear Hitch Draft Sensor for any damage, loose connections, or corrosion.
  • Test the Sensor:
    • Verify the sensor’s output voltage to ensure it is operating within the specified range.
  • Replace Faulty Components:
    • If the sensor or wiring is found to be faulty, replace the defective components.
  • Calibrate the Sensor:
    • Perform a calibration of the Rear Hitch Draft Sensor following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Consult Technical Support:
    • If the problem persists, contact technical support for further diagnostics and assistance.


Regular maintenance and calibration of the Rear Hitch Draft Sensor are crucial for preventing high voltage issues and ensuring reliable operation.

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