HV1 004085.07 – HV I Not in NEUTRAL Position

HV1 004085.07 (HV1 4085.07)

Code: 004085.07

Shortcode: 4085.07


This error code, HV1 004085.07, indicates that the Hitch Control Valve (HV I) is not in the NEUTRAL position. The NEUTRAL position is crucial for the proper functioning of the hitch system, as it prevents unintended movements when the hitch is not in use.
Alarm Level: Information




  • Inspect Valve Position:
    • Check the current position of the Hitch Control Valve to ensure it is not obstructed or misaligned. Manually move the valve to the NEUTRAL position if necessary.
  • Verify Control Signals:
    • Ensure that the control signals being sent to the Hitch Control Valve are correct and instructing it to move to the NEUTRAL position.
  • Examine Mechanical Components:
    • Inspect the mechanical components connected to the valve for any signs of wear, damage, or blockages that may prevent the valve from reaching NEUTRAL.
  • Calibrate Control Valve:
    • Perform a calibration of the Hitch Control Valve to ensure it correctly recognizes and moves to the NEUTRAL position.


Regular maintenance and inspection of the valve and associated components can prevent issues with valve positioning and ensure reliable operation.

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