HV1 004085.12 – HV1 Control Unit Fault

HV1 004085.12 (HV1 4085.12)

Code: 004085.12

Shortcode: 4085.12


This error code, HV1 004085.12, is triggered when the Hitch Valve Control Unit (HV I) software fails to execute within the allotted time. This can indicate a software performance issue or a potential fault within the control unit.

Alarm Level: Information




  • Restart Control Unit:
    • Perform a power cycle on the Hitch Valve Control Unit to reset the software. This can sometimes resolve temporary software execution issues.
  • Update Software:
    • Check for any available software updates for the Hitch Valve Control Unit. Install the latest updates to ensure optimal performance and fix any known bugs.
  • Inspect Control Unit:
    • Examine the control unit for any signs of physical damage or overheating. Ensure the unit is operating in a suitable environment.
  • Run Diagnostics:
    • Perform a full diagnostic scan of the Hitch Valve Control Unit to identify any underlying issues or faults that may be causing the software to fail.


Keeping the control unit software up-to-date and regularly performing diagnostics can help prevent software execution failures and ensure reliable operation of the hitch system.

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