JDL 298885.31 – Control Unit, Memory Capacity Exceeded

JDL 298885.31 (JDL )

Code: 298885.31



This diagnostic trouble code, JDL 298885.31, is triggered when the internal memory of the JDL control unit is full. This indicates a problem in the connection to the JDLink server, preventing data from being uploaded and cleared from the control unit.


When this error code is triggered, the control unit may be unable to store new data, leading to potential loss of important information and reduced functionality.


Check JDLink Connection:

  • Verify that the JDLink server connection is active and functioning correctly. Ensure that the control unit can communicate with the server.

Free Up Memory:

  • Manually delete unnecessary or old data from the control unit to free up memory space.
  • Ensure that data upload settings are configured correctly to prevent memory overload.

Update Control Unit Software:

  • Ensure that the control unit software is up-to-date. Install any available updates to improve memory management and system stability.

Monitor Memory Usage:

  • Regularly monitor the memory usage of the control unit to prevent capacity issues. Implement a schedule for regular data uploads and memory maintenance.

Consult Technical Support:

  • If the issue persists after performing the above steps, consult the manufacturer’s technical support for further assistance.
  • Provide the diagnostic trouble code and any relevant information gathered during the inspection.


Maintaining adequate memory capacity in the control unit is essential for proper operation. Regular monitoring and maintenance can help prevent memory-related issues and ensure reliable data management.

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