JDL 298886.31 – Control Unit, Power Level Exceeded

JDL 298886.31 (JDL )

Code: 298886.31



This diagnostic trouble code, JDL 298886.31, is triggered when the power level of the JDL control unit is overloaded. This typically indicates that the battery is flat or there is an issue with the power supply.


When this error code is triggered, the equipment may experience reduced functionality or complete shutdown due to insufficient power. The control unit may attempt to enter a safe mode to protect itself from potential damage caused by power overload.


Inspect Battery and Connections:

  • Check the battery voltage to ensure it is above the minimum required level. Recharge or replace the battery if necessary.
  • Inspect battery terminals and cables for any signs of corrosion, looseness, or damage. Clean and tighten connections as needed.

Check Charging System:

  • Verify that the alternator and charging system are functioning correctly. Measure the output voltage of the alternator to ensure it is within the specified range.
  • Inspect the alternator belt for proper tension and condition. Replace if worn or damaged.

Inspect Power Supply Wiring:

  • Examine the wiring harness for any signs of damage, such as cuts, abrasions, or pinching. Repair or replace damaged wiring as necessary.
  • Ensure all connectors in the power supply circuit are secure and free from corrosion.

Perform a Hard Reset:

  • Disconnect the power supply to the control unit for a few minutes and then reconnect it. This can sometimes clear temporary voltage-related faults.

Consult Technical Support:

  • If the issue persists after performing the above steps, consult the manufacturer’s technical support for further assistance.
  • Provide the diagnostic trouble code and any relevant information gathered during the inspection.


Maintaining proper battery health and ensuring a stable power supply are crucial for the reliable operation of the control unit and other electronic systems. Regular maintenance and inspection can help prevent voltage-related issues.

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