PL1 523957.31 – INFORMATION FOR OPERATOR: Reverse Drive Lever in Forward or Reverse Position at Tractor Startup

PL1 523957.31 (PL1 )

Code: 523957.31



This informational code is generated when the reverse drive lever is in either the forward or reverse position at tractor startup. The operator is advised to move the reverse drive lever to the park position.


No direct impact on functionality, but the operator must take corrective action.


  • Operator Instructions:
    • Instruct the operator to ensure the reverse drive lever is in the park position before starting the tractor.
  • Check Lever Mechanism:
    • Verify that the reverse drive lever mechanism is functioning correctly and not sticking in the forward or reverse positions.
  • Consult Technical Support:
    • If the issue persists, seek assistance from technical support for further diagnosis and resolution.


Proper use of the reverse drive lever ensures safe and efficient tractor operation. Regular training and checks can help prevent such issues.

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