Pioneering Agricultural Support

Flint Equipment’s branch in Cuthbert, GA, continues a tradition that began in 1932 with John Deere’s original Albany outpost. As a key part of the Flint Equipment family, it upholds a commitment to agricultural and turf care excellence.

Customers at Flint Equipment Cuthbert will meet a team ready to support modern agriculture and landscaping needs. This branch offers an extensive range of essential machinery for local farmers and turf professionals.

Since Tom Cannon’s leadership began in 2002, Flint Equipment has expanded significantly, always with a focus on stellar customer service. The Cuthbert branch demonstrates this with its strong customer relationships and outstanding support.

Here, the staff brings expertise in John Deere equipment to the forefront. They work tirelessly to match each customer with the right equipment and provide maintenance to keep that machinery performing well.

The drive behind Flint Equipment’s growth is its people — both customers and a dedicated workforce. The Cuthbert branch shines as a testament to this, fueling the company’s growth and affirming its status as a trusted industry leader.