Your Partner in Agricultural Excellence

Flint Equipment’s presence in Pelham, GA, upholds a service tradition dating back to John Deere’s original venture in 1932. This branch is an integral piece of Flint Equipment’s commitment to delivering exceptional agricultural and turf care machinery, coupled with unmatched support.

The Pelham location offers a diverse range of John Deere equipment, addressing the specific requirements of both large-scale agriculture and precision turf management. The team here ensures that every client receives equipment that not only meets but exceeds performance expectations.

Since Tom Cannon’s leadership began in 2002, Flint Equipment has experienced significant growth, with a steadfast focus on customer service. The Pelham branch embodies this growth, with a commitment to fostering customer relationships and delivering extensive support.

Experts in John Deere machinery, the staff at Pelham provide customized advice and solutions, focusing on the success of each customer. They are dedicated to offering maintenance services that keep equipment in top working condition.

The growth of Flint Equipment is a direct result of its dedication to its customers and employees. In Pelham, the branch stands as a pillar of this dedication, driving the company’s progress and solidifying its reputation as a reliable partner in the equipment industry.