Empowering the Agricultural Community

At Flint Equipment in Leesburg, GA, the team proudly upholds a legacy that harks back to the original John Deere outlet in Albany. This branch is a cornerstone of the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality agricultural and turf care machinery alongside unparalleled support.

In Leesburg, Flint Equipment offers an impressive array of John Deere products, catering to both expansive farming operations and meticulous turf management. Here, the team makes sure every customer finds equipment that exceeds expectations in performance.

Since Tom Cannon took the reins in 2002, Flint Equipment has seen marked growth, with customer service at the forefront. The Leesburg branch is a testament to this expansion, where customer satisfaction and comprehensive support are paramount.

The Leesburg staff are experts in John Deere machinery, providing personalized guidance and solutions. Their aim is not just to sell equipment but to ensure it contributes to each customer’s success, offering maintenance to sustain peak performance.

The driving force behind Flint Equipment’s growth is its commitment to people — both the customers and a dedicated workforce. Leesburg’s branch exemplifies this commitment, propelling the company forward and reinforcing its status as a trusted industry ally.

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