Your Partner in Big Island Operations

Papé Machinery’s location in Hilo, HI, stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to reliability and exceptional service. For over 85 years, Papé has been a cornerstone in providing the equipment necessary to navigate the diverse challenges of the Big Island’s landscapes and industries.

At Hilo’s Papé Machinery, professionals in the agricultural and landscaping fields find a trusted source for high-quality John Deere lawn and garden equipment. Their line-up is tailored to meet the needs of the island’s unique flora and terrain. For construction projects, from residential builds to major infrastructure, they offer a suite of compact construction equipment, ensuring every job is matched with the right tools for efficiency and precision.

Hilo’s demanding environmental and construction tasks are met with Papé’s robust inventory, including advanced forestry equipment and specialized paving machinery. Moreover, Papé Machinery provides comprehensive service and parts support, keeping downtime to a minimum and productivity at its peak.

The team in Hilo is dedicated to upholding the Papé promise of keeping you moving. They’re not just selling machinery; they’re equipping Big Island’s businesses with the strength to thrive amidst Hawaii’s dynamic conditions.