A Tradition of Uptime and Excellence

Papé Machinery in Lihue stands as a beacon of quality and reliability, honoring a legacy that spans over 85 years. As a key player in the Papé Group, this dealership delivers an impressive array of equipment tailored to the diverse needs of the Hawaiian Islands.

At Lihue’s Papé Machinery, customers find everything from agricultural and grounds care equipment to an extensive range of lawn and garden machinery. Notably, the Gator Utility Vehicles and Compact Construction Equipment are favorites among local businesses and residents.

Construction professionals in Lihue rely on Papé for top-tier machinery, including compact equipment and specialized forestry gear. They cater to niche markets as well, offering advanced solutions for paving, recycling, and scrap handling.

Papé Machinery doesn’t just sell equipment; they provide a full suite of technologies to enhance efficiency and precision in construction work. From GPS and machine control to sophisticated pavers and rollers, the inventory meets every need.

The Papé legacy is built on a foundation of unwavering customer service. In Lihue, they uphold this tradition by ensuring every client experiences the uptime and support that has become synonymous with the Papé name. Celebrating 85 years, Papé Machinery’s commitment to quality service continues to thrive, as they welcome customers to join them in forging the path for the next era of Hawaiian development.

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