Uptime Delivered on Maui

Papé Machinery in Wailuku represents the heart of Papé Group’s long-standing mission: to deliver consistent, quality service that customers can rely on. With a history spanning over eight decades, Papé Machinery has become an integral part of Maui’s vibrant agricultural and construction sectors.

Whether it’s the upkeep of lush landscapes or the hustle of construction projects, Papé Machinery provides a wide array of equipment to tackle any task. From versatile Gator Utility Vehicles perfect for navigating the varied terrains of Maui to Compact Construction Equipment that stands up to Wailuku’s demanding build environments, they have it all.

But Papé’s commitment to the islands doesn’t end with sales. Their service extends to ensuring each piece of equipment operates smoothly, backed by a seasoned team of technicians. They understand that in Wailuku, whether you’re maintaining a golf course or shaping a new skyline, uptime is not just a goal—it’s a necessity.

In Wailuku, Papé Machinery is more than a dealership; it’s a partner in progress, ensuring that every machine, from lasers and levels to soil compactors, contributes to the island’s prosperity and beauty.

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