CLC 002368.05 – Low Current in Left Turn Signal Lights Circuit. John Deere Electrical Diagnostic.

CLC 002368.05 (CLC 2368.05)

Code: 002368.05

Shortcode: 2368.05


This error code indicates an open circuit in the left turn signal light circuits, which interrupts the current flow and results in non-operational turn signals. This is often caused by broken wires, disconnected connectors, or failed components within the circuit.


The left turn signal lights will not function, posing potential safety risks due to reduced visibility and communication with other drivers.


  • Inspect and Repair Electrical Connections: Check all associated wiring and connectors for continuity, repair breaks, and secure loose connections.
  • Replace Damaged Components: Identify and replace any damaged or non-functional components such as bulbs, fuses, or relays.
  • Test System Functionality: After repairs, test the turn signals to ensure they are functioning properly under various operating conditions.


Ensuring that turn signals operate correctly is critical for safety and compliance with traffic regulations.

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