CLC 002368.06 – High Current in Left Turn Signal Lights Circuit. John Deere Safety Advisory.

CLC 002368.06 (CLC 2368.06)

Code: 002368.06

Shortcode: 2368.06


The Cab Load Center (CLC) control unit has detected that the current in the left fender turn signal light or left roof warning lights exceeds the 7-amp fuse rating. This condition typically indicates a short circuit, which could lead to overheating and potential fire hazards.


The system may deactivate the overcurrent circuit to prevent damage or a fire hazard.


  • Locate and Fix Short Circuits: Thoroughly examine the circuit for any signs of shorting. Focus on areas prone to wear or damage.
  • Ensure Correct Fuse Installation: Verify that the correct fuse type and rating are used. Replace any blown fuses only after the underlying issue is resolved.
  • Reevaluate Circuit Design: If recurrent issues occur, consider assessing the circuit design for potential improvements in capacity and safety.


Immediate attention to high current issues is crucial to prevent serious safety risks and ensure the reliability of vehicle electrical systems.

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