CLC 522310.06 – High Current in ELX Output 1 Circuit. John Deere Safety Alert.

CLC CLC 522310.06 (CLC )

Code: CLC 522310.06



This fault code indicates that the current in the ELX output 1 circuit has exceeded the fuse rating of 12 amps. Such a condition suggests a short circuit or an overload within the circuit. High currents can lead to overheating, potential damage to wiring or components, and even pose fire hazards. This usually results from improper wiring, component failure, or excessive load being drawn by the connected equipment.


The system may automatically shut down the affected circuit to prevent further damage and mitigate safety risks.


  • Locate and Rectify Short Circuits: Inspect the circuit meticulously for any signs of shorting. Focus on areas prone to wear, damage, or moisture ingress.
  • Check and Replace Fuses: Ensure that fuses are replaced only with those of the correct rating after confirming that the circuit is free from faults.
  • Assess and Reduce Load if Necessary: Evaluate the load being drawn on this circuit and adjust to prevent overloading.
  • Test and Monitor After Repair: After repairs, continuously monitor the circuit to ensure it operates within safe parameters.


Effective management of circuit loads and prompt attention to signs of excessive current are crucial to maintaining the safety and functionality of electrical systems. Regular monitoring and maintenance of the electrical circuits help prevent issues that could lead to operational failures or safety hazards.

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