CLC 522433.06 – High Current in Rear Wiper Motor Circuit. John Deere Electrical Safety Advisory.

CLC 522433.06 (CLC )

Code: 522433.06



This fault code indicates that the current flowing through the rear wiper motor circuit has exceeded the 7-amp fuse rating, likely due to a short circuit or an overloaded motor. High current can cause overheating and potential damage to the motor and associated wiring, posing a risk of malfunction or electrical fire.


The system may deactivate the rear wiper motor to prevent damage and maintain safety.


  • Inspect Wiper Motor and Circuit: Check the rear wiper motor and its wiring for any signs of damage, corrosion, or wear that could lead to a short circuit.
  • Replace Fuses and Repair Faults: Ensure that any blown fuses are replaced only after the underlying issues have been addressed.
  • Test Motor Operation: After repairs, thoroughly test the rear wiper’s operation to ensure it runs smoothly without drawing excessive current.
  • Monitor System Performance: Continue to monitor the circuit to ensure no further issues arise.


Routine checks and timely repairs are essential to prevent high current issues, ensuring the reliable operation of rear wiper systems and safety of the vehicle.

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