CSC 000190.17 – Engine Speed Too Low During Critical Operations. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 000190.17 (CSC 190.17)

Code: 000190.17

Shortcode: 190.17


Error code CSC 000190.17 arises when the engine speed, as communicated via the CAN Bus, remains between 100 and 500 rpm for more than 5 seconds during operations such as bleeding, calibrating, or manually raising the cab. This issue may occur due to a significant drop in engine speed or inaccurate engine speed data transmitted by the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which can affect the accurate execution of these critical functions.


The control software may operate with limited functionality or may not function at all, as a precaution to prevent damage or operational errors due to the unreliable engine speed readings.


  • Inspect Engine and ECU: Check the engine to ensure it is running smoothly without drops in rpm. Inspect the ECU for errors in data transmission and ensure it is functioning properly.
  • Calibrate Engine Sensors: Calibrate sensors related to engine speed to confirm they are providing accurate data.
  • Monitor and Test CAN Bus System: Examine the CAN Bus system for any disruptions or malfunctions that could affect data accuracy. Testing the system can help identify and correct communication issues.
  • Perform System Resets: After troubleshooting, reset the affected systems to implement corrections and verify that all changes are effective.


Maintaining accurate engine speed data is critical for the safe and effective operation of machinery, especially during sensitive adjustment processes. Regular checks and maintenance of engine performance, sensor accuracy, and communication systems are essential to ensure operational reliability and safety.

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